GPU passthrough with KVM on openSuSE

One of the downsides of Linux is that there are not so many games available for it. It’s true that lately a lot of games were ported to Linux, but usually the games are developed almost exclusively for Windows. As a Linux user, in order to play one of those Windows games, you had 3 options:
– try to play it with Wine, but that works usually with older games.
– have a dual-boot setup, and every time when you want to play a game, boot Windows, which is kind of annoying.
– very, very old games (and no 3D games) could be played in a windows virtual machine.

But now, there is a 4th option: use a Windows virtual machine with GPU passthrough. There are some hardware prerequisites and it will work only with specific CPUs and GPUs, but if you have the correct hardware, it is possible.
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